Enter into the oasis of love now, 2016 and forevermore. The place of intimacy with our First Love, His Spirit will turn the desert into a fertile field and the fertile field like a forest.
There will be justice for our injustices for the foundations of God’s throne are righteousness and justice. His Court is above all courts.
The righteous FLOURISH in the courts of God (Psalm 92:13).
Righteousness shall live in the fertile field as His grace and His Spirit help us to be in right standing in all areas of life, with in and around us. It is not by might nor power but by the Spirit of God.
The fruit of righteousness shall be peace (shalom/completeness) and its effect quietness to always know that the Lord is Almighty. We shall be still and know that He is God. We shall reverence Him like never before. We shall delight in godly reverential fear of the Lord like our Lord (Isaiah 11:3)
Our confidence shall always be in God not man. We shall be strong and courageous as our confidence is eternally rooted in our First Love. Nothing will be impossible for with God all things are possible.
We shall live in peaceful dwellings and build His Kingdom, just like Solomon found rest in all areas and built for God. We shall receive and live in our inheritance for we are sons and daughters of the Most High. We shall say, “The lines have fallen for us in pleasant places, we have a beautiful inheritance.”
We shall always find safety in the Lord for He is a Mighty Tower.
Our days and nights shall be undisturbed for He has put a hedge of fire around us and His glory is in the midst. We shall engage with the Lord in the night and wake up with His likeness and walk in victory. No evil shall come near us as we find rest under His wings.
We are in the age of complete surrender to Holy Spirit. Where He is sovereign in all areas.
He is the One who shall bring divine order and alignment on earth and our lives. He is the One that gives love and establishes love on earth. He is Power and Light. There is no darkness in His Presence.
He is the One who prays with us effective and fervent prayers that birth destiny and bring life. He is the great IAM and He is Holy. He is our Counselor. He is our Comforter. He is our Helper. He is our Teacher, He teaches us all things. He leads and guides to all truth. He is good and His dominion is forever. He is our Friend. He is our Peace. He is God on earth. He is LOVE.
We choose to enter the oasis of love. We say, “Invade the earth Sweet Spirit of God and turn the desert into a fertile field.”
(Post inspired by Isaiah 32:15 -18)
Love, joy and peace to you

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