Powerful Family

Today during an amazing morning with the church family, the Spirit of God was flowing powerfully.  There was a freedom flowing as folks were moving, dancing, singing, greeting one another.  Again, I found myself saying, “It feels good to be home.”  I have probably communicated along these lines before.  

The amazing message to the family and about family from Brian and Linda Jacobson, who are missionaries with Restoring the Foundation, was amazing and fitting.  There is something that I have been thinking about this afternoon as I have attempted to digest all that I received this morning from my family and God.  How quickly we Americans can become bored with you name it.  How quickly, beautiful meaningful things can loose their appeal.  It is crazy how fast the “latest & greatest” can distract us from where we should be.

We heard today and have heard many times before how we are all made different.  We see things differently.  We are all gifted and called in unique directions.  Some of us are homebodies.  Some of us are a bit flighty.  But when we really understand that we are one; nothing can stop us.  Our different make-up makes us strong.  You may remember the story of the Tower of Babel.  God himself said about a unified people, that “nothing will be impossible for them.”

This is going to be a short little article, so let me get to my point.  Let us all make the decision to not allow what God is doing among us at New Bethel Church to grow monotonous, and “boring”.  If you are reading this and are a Christ follower, I trust that you have surrounded yourself with amazing lovers of Jesus who will choose to build one another up in such a way, that you truly experience a move of God as the scriptures talk about “from glory to glory.”  Now to be truthful, monotony and boring are really an attitude of the heart.  Let us God’s people rise into our unique spot in His church to sharpen each other, to help each other be ready, in season and out, to give a testimony for the hope that we say we have.

It says in the Good Book, “to come out from among them and be separate.”  This verse, I believe has been abused to manipulate God’s people into being and acting a certain way.  The Church, that bares the name of Jesus is to be so different that a hungry world wants to be a part.  I believe God is raising up His church, the ones paying attention, to be different.  For most of my adult church life, God has called me to church families that were not your “normal” church family.  I have grown accustomed to not living and looking like the normal Christian.  I mean no offense by this statement.  I hope that you hear my heart here.  God is raising the ante, or just calling us back to an original standard.  Jesus and the first church were one in spirit and purpose, powerful, repulsed by some and intriguing to many.  Jesus is the desire of nations.  God is calling us to be the desire of nations as we look like Him.

If you are a member at the church I call home, New Bethel Church; I encourage you to make a commitment to me and the other brothers and sisters to walk in such a way with God and His people that there is no room for monotony, or the boring.  When you find home, there is a deep gratitude for what you have and are enjoying, that you don’t want to ever go away.  I am thankful for my past church families.  I am really thankful to be where God has planted me.

In case you might be reading this and do not know my history, I do not believe in “church hoping”.  I believe that the physical family is a picture of the spiritual family.  God calls you to one local family and it is there in sickness and health, for richer or poorer till death you do part.  Obviously there are exceptions, but I have always taken very seriously commitment to a local church family.  If you get upset and leave one church family, you are taking your problems with you and you will continue to “get upset” and hop from one church to the other.  God takes family very seriously and so should His people.  OK, I will get off that rabbit trails.

I have a feeling that this is not just a thought or phenomena in my own church family, but a growing sentiment in the Greater Body of Christ.  We are called to be redeemers of the time.  So by the grace that God has given us for this part of history, let us be our unique selves so that we empower each other to our individual greatness and our corporate greatness.

I just read a Tweet from Banning Liebscher, “Thankful people are the most generous people because thankfulness let’s us see we live from abundance not lack, because of the cross.”  This is so true.  Let us, God’s people, live from a place of gratitude for what we have in Him and each other, which in turn empowers us to be generous and powerful. Amen.


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