Living Love

Living Love

Living Love walked the earth and showed us how to be love

Living love mingled with the ostracized of society, the outcasts of society. It was His joy to commune with the lost, for He had everything they needed. He is the Great Physician and He searches for the sick in heart, for the broken-hearted. He is the only One who can heal the broken hearted. His power is made complete in the weaknesses of His people. In our weaknesses He is strong.

Living Love lived a life of blessing, He welcomed children to seat with Him and spoke over them with His warm words of blessing, bringing comfort to their souls. Living Love blessed His followers with power to live in purpose and advance the Kingdom. Living Love blessed us with the Helper.

Though they did Him wrong, He did not release faithless (curses) words but became the ultimate blessing (love atonement) for humanity. Indeed the stone that the builders rejected became the chief cornerstone. He is the Rock and the foundation for eternal life. Living love is the way, truth and life.

Living Love came not to condemn the world but to save the world. Through His eyes of love, He sees potential. He sees hidden treasures in His earthen vessels. He does not give up on anyone. He loves everyone even those who do not know Him. For we are all from Him, From Him are all things and to Him are all things. His desire is for all to know Him and experience His loving embrace and shalom (peace) everyday.

Living Love is power. His Kingdom is a Kingdom of power and not just words. His heart of love was the catalyst in His demonstration of the Kingdom. Power to deliver, heal and restore. Signs and wonders follow Living Love to draw the lost to His Kingdom.

Love demonstrates with power. The power from love is pure.

Living Love embraced the will of our Heavenly Father. Love embraces wholeheartedly the will of Abba Father. To do Abba’s will in joy and humility is love expressed to Sweet Abba.

Living Love was love fulfilled. For Our Father gave us Living Love because He loved us.

Living Love overcame the nature of sin and death. In Living Love there is life. In Him there is hope. In Him there is eternity. Love covers all sin. Love triumphed over sin and death. In Living Love the old nature of sin is gone and the new nature is here. We are a new creation in Living Love.

Living Love is the reflection of perfect love. Living Love is Christ. Follow Living Love and you shall walk the trail of love. A trail of bringing light to the world.

May we be one in Living Love and manifest Living Love on earth that all people may come into the knowledge of Living Love.

All glory to Living Love

Marlon Katsigazi


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