Finding The Vision To Serve

In December I wrote an article about how I believe God is restoring His church back to her original design. I said, “I believe God is looking for those whom He is rallying, to honor and trust the vision and mission of these Fathers and Mothers.” For some this statement may not make sense, as it is true that so many have self serving motives for the place that they choose to call their church home.  Some people choose a church based on the songs being sung or the type worship.  Some choose a church because they like the preacher.  The list is endless, for the reasons that their church serves their needs.

I would like to suggest that the motives for joining this or that church family should not have anything to do with your needs or wants.  The Bible is full of words and principles of giving, thinking of others, making a difference.  You know that famous quote by President J.F.K. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”.  What a profound statement.  If you are where you are for what you can get, you may want to check your motives. I also would say, that the way of God’s Kingdom on this subject is about finding the Fathers and Mothers whom you can trust, submit to and serve.  Remember the prophecy that in the last days fathers are returning the sons and sons to the fathers?  I believe this to be literal and spiritual.

Five or so years ago I was praying with other pastors over our city and I saw in my spirit a waterwheel, the kind used on a mill.  Immediately I felt like God was saying to me and to the Body of Christ, “stop reinventing the wheel”.  When we disagree with each other, instead of coming together in honor and working through disagreements, often we choose to go elsewhere and sometimes the result is another new church.

I believe the waterwheel represents the vision that Fathers and Mothers carry.  There are many parts to that wheel, all serving the vision.  A waterwheel is a large device that creates the energy to grind the grain.  It obviously has a structure, a very strong structure.  God has you and me as part of the structure of that wheel, serving the vision.  The spokes of the wheel are so key.  Without the proper amount of spokes, the wheel will not be able to hold up under the weight of what God wants to pour over it, to produce everlasting fruit.  Everyone of us in God’s family want to experience the fullness of His outpouring.

We all want to see the results of such an outpouring. Bill Johnson says, “the Spirit of God in me is for me, the Spirit of God on me is for others.”  I believe the outpouring of Living Water into the water troughs of our waterwheel/vision is for others.  The question is, are we willing to find and commit to serve the vision that God has given these Fathers and Mothers?  Another question, How many waterwheels do you think that you can be a part of and serve with excellence?

We here in America have a mentality that we can do it all.  The truth is that you maybe able to serve a number of visions.  I would question your ability to serve all of them with excellence.  Jesus said something about being able to only to serve one.  I understand that He was referring to serving God or money in Luke 16:13. The principle remains.

Maybe you are not sure which waterwheel to connect to and serve.  If you have joined churches for what you are able to glean, I encourage you to go to God and ask Him to show you the vision that you are to serve.  Then go and make the adjustments to join Him in that work that He is calling you to.

We have all heard; that strong families make strong communities, and so on.  The family unit is the foundation for the rest of our world.  In the Kingdom, I believe it works the same.  If I am to involved with other things outside of my family, then the energy that I should have for my family is depleted and my family suffers.

My continual prayer for me and God’s people is that I/we would find our lane, our waterwheel, from the foundation of family and from their, find our power to turn the world upside down for Jesus.




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