Love Chapter

This month one of the assignments in the Leader’s Development Program 1, chapter on Honor, the reader is to rewrite 1 Corinthians 13 in their own words.  Here, I have shared my homework assignment with the world:

If I use my mouth in such a great way that I influence friends and impress my family and don’t have love in my heart motivating me, I am wasting my time.  If I speak into people’s lives sharing with them mysteries of their heart without Father God’s heart of love, I might as well stop what I’m doing.  If I solve people’s deepest problems or questions, without love, I am serving no purpose.  If I open up my life and all my resources to needy and hurting people to the point of being run over and beat down, without love, I myself will be a wreck.

When I live out of love I have patient and kind energy.  If I am motivated by love, I will not envy other people’s success, boast in my own success nor be snobby. I will choose to honor others, thinking of others more highly than myself.  In love, I will not keep a record of when others hurt me and by so doing keep my peace.  I will not delight in wrongdoing, but will rejoice when truth is made known.  I will be acting in love when I purpose in my heart to protect, trust, persevere and keep hope alive in all my relationships.

If everything I do in life is motivated by love, I will never fail….The greatest place to live from, is LOVE!


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