NB Vine Groups

You maybe asking yourself, “What is a Vine Group?” A Vine Group is a small group of believers who are part of the NB family, meeting together regularly in homes for worship, Biblical foundation and fellowship.

Try to recall that time when you and some friends were praising God or giving a testimony and God’s presence invaded that moment. Remember the warmth, smiles, good food and laughter of being with extended family members around the table at Grandmas house? What about that day, with tears, you poured your soul out before some brothers/sisters and the love and support you felt. The NB Leadership desire to accomplish all the above in the comfort and warmth of homes.
God has and continues to raise up shepherds in the house who will facilitate such an atmosphere. These groups will be intimate and safe places to worship the King of kings, discuss the Word of God, pray and support one another. There will be amazing times of laughing and sharing life together. Yes…also food!

                                     Jesus stood and shouted to the crowds,                                                                  “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me!”                               John 7:37

Anyone who is thirsty for more of God and family will be welcome to participate in these groups. A commitment for a session at a time is encouraged but is certainly not a requirement. If you attend another church and want to join one of the groups you will be welcome. Friends & Neighbors are welcome to join or visit a group.  The winter/Spring session will be February thru May on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the month.

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